our approach

Cura is a pre-designed healthcare facility delivering market-leading time and cost savings by using off-site manufacturing solutions, providing a free feasibility service and offering easy procurement options.

  • enquiry

    Cost - free

    Face to face meeting to answer your questions and determine whether Cura is suitable for your project

  • briefing

    1 week, cost - free (excluding any site survey requirements)

    Key tasks: meeting to understand requirements, site information, availability and need

  • feasibility

    3 weeks, cost - free

    Key tasks: design options, costs, programme and risks agreed. Review NHS Outline Business Case, 50% completed by our business case writers.

  • planning

    Up to 8 weeks site-specific design and preparation of the planning application plus 13 weeks Local Authority planning determination.

    Key Outcomes: planning approval, bespoke detailed design, costs and programme confirmed

  • contract and build

    Up to 8 weeks to sign build contract

    Construction period: approximately 40 weeks depending on the size of your hub

  • handover and use

    Cost - free

    Key tasks: staff training, enjoy the building and quarterly reviews for up to 24 months. Includes post-project and occupancy evaluations.


Cura is based on a well-researched and proven design which eliminates a lot of the pre-construction fees whilst our off-site construction solution reduces the time spent building on-site. This approach minimises disruptions to patients, visitors and neighbours and improves health and safety by lowering risk through reduced trades and time on-site. The quality of all the major components is ensured as they are manufactured in factory-controlled conditions.

To ensure you get excellent customer service at every stage, we will help you choose and personalise your health hub, provide a comprehensive handover at completion and come back later to check everything is running smoothly.

our design

At the start of the design process, our healthcare planners carried out research into the types of services needed in a hub and it became evident that every health hub will need to accommodate different clinical services and thus be of a different size.

Our team then translated these findings into a flexible and innovative design, where the size of the hub can be adjusted, allowing clinical and support services to be tailored to the local community. Our standard multifunctional rooms cater to rotating staff and can be adapted to changing needs.

06 stages

  • 01. enquiry
  • 02. briefing
  • 03. feasibility
  • 04. planning
  • 05. contract and build
  • 06. handover and use