Health Hub


Cura meets the healthcare needs of your local community with maximum flexibility, future adaptability, sustainability and efficiency.

Designed with complete flexibility in mind, the structure is built off-site, with a minimal degree of fixed internal structure. This enables you to configure the internal layout to suit your needs.

Our health hub is designed from clusters of rooms which form clinical modules, each with an area of around 200 sq. m. This is an optimal amount of space required for a typical clinical department, such as OPD, therapies, dental, diagnostics or mental health.

Tasked with creating efficient departmental adjacencies and patient pathways, our team has developed a core H-shaped design which consists of a connective module – the spine of the building – with clinical and support modules stemming from it. This configuration means visitors can reach the department they need without having to pass through the others.

The modules can operate independently or with shared support, allowing the core design to be modified, with modules added, removed or swapped. This gives you the option of adjusting the shape and size of the building to suit its site and the ability to select the departmental modules that suit the needs of your local community.

key benefits of cura

  • Certainty of time and cost from a pre-designed solution
  • Fast delivery – shorter pre-construction period and guaranteed construction programme – up to 50% faster
  • Flexible design with a menu of bolt on/off departmental modules enabling a smaller or bigger hub with the potential to add or remove floors
  • Ability to swap clinical modules to provide alternative services
  • Standard size rooms to offer multi-functional spaces
  • Designed for out-of-hours use with the option to shut off part of the building for maximum efficiency
  • Well-researched product that meets NHS guidance
  • Pre-designed kit of parts solution with off-site construction to increase quality and reduce time, cost and risk
  • Built on the success of Sunesis and CODE – our pre-designed school and custody suite products adopted nationwide
  • Easy procurement – Cura can be delivered through our OJEU compliant frameworks, saving you time and money